Sunday, May 10, 2015

Racism and Xenophobia alive and well in America

New York Times has this to say:

A National Weather Service flood forecaster in Ohio faced federal economic espionage charges, until her case was dropped as abruptly as it had upended her life.

Until friends called the NYT article to my attention, I was not aware of this particular case. I hope the victim in this case will file suit against the FBI and whoever else involved and seek redress.

We continue to experience repeated offenses by law enforcement agencies depriving loyal Americans of Chinese ancestry their civil rights, even as these Americans make outstanding contributions to the national well being of America.

The only way to put a stop to this kind of racial bias is to make noisy protest and take legal action against the perpetrators. Dr. Haiping Su did just that against NASA and won, a small victory in monetary terms but a major landmark case because he took on the U.S. government and won a verdict.

The victim in this case is Ms. Sherry Chen, originally from Beijing. Until she had her run-in with the law, she had been a recipient of commendations for her service to America. According to NYT, the person that first intimated that Ms. Chen could be spying for China was a Ms. Deborah Lee. I looked up Ms. Lee's bio and press release. For what it's worth, she is not an Asian but White.

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