Thursday, June 23, 2022

What I've learned from the January 6 hearing

When my mother and me and my siblings arrived in the US in 1949, my father met us at the airport. At that time he had been in the US for three years studing for his PhD. We were overjoyed to see him and he us. Dad said to me, "George, you have entered the land of golden opportunity and a chance to live the American dream." For most of my life, it was a dream come true. I had indeed landed in the best of two worlds. No more. The House January 6 Committee public hearing is telling us how close America came to lose our civil liberties and witness the Constitution torn to shred. Incredibly enough, elected officials and politicians wilfully ignored the rule of law just to cater to the personal desires and ego of one person, Donald Trump. I cannot believe that one blowhard can stage a revolution, get away with sedition and came close to overthrowing the US government. It saddens me terribly to see a post WWII golden age America turn into a fail state in my lifetime. God save America. Nobody else can.

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