Friday, November 22, 2019

An American's view of the Hong Kong protest

An American residing in Hong Kong wrote three letters, two to US Senators and one to CBS 60 minutes. His is a valuable point of view presenting a more balanced perspective on this tragic event.

🇱🇷 An American living in HK 🇭🇰🇨🇳submitted the below email to websites of US Senator Hawley, Senator Cruz and 60 minutes (for their biased piece
on the HK protests)

So well written. Must Read.
Senator Hawley

Your willingness to sacrifice an entire city, its way of life, its civility, the future of its youth, its freedoms unmatched anywhere else in the world, and its high degree of autonomy in a historically unique circumstance, is in my opinion a crime against humanity.

Your sole punitive objective of giving China a black eye, demonstrates not only a childish approach to the needs of the world, but also demonstrates a depravity of moral value, unbecoming of any religious institution whether Christian, Muslim, Judaism or Buddhism.

And you call yourself a Christian. Should I not be surprised that the most brutal inhuman treatment of other humans beings I have ever witnessed is being committed by your Christian-led organisation?

The world is NOT seeing the truth of HK. And you are only perpetuating that lie. It is seeing a facade of half truths created by one nation with the sole intent of undermining another nation hoping to curtail the continued emergence of that nation on the world stage. The world is seeing a singular view of HK events from the lenses of those who wish to destroy its parent, where the only possible outcome is to completely sacrifice the child.

I’m not going to excuse China’s past behaviour. But to choose HK as the sacrificial lamb for that reckoning is not only morally wrong, it is tactically and strategically wrong - if your objective is to bring China to its knees. You will not achieve your objective by bringing anarchy to HK.

You are choosing the ways of the past to solve problems of the future. HK may need change but don’t revert to a page in the history of China (the cultural revolution) to destroy a society and attempt to build a new one on its ashes when no one in the protest movement, nor their American benefactors, are presenting a better option to what was one of the freest societies on earth protected by one of the best, most restrained and least corrupt police forces on the planet.
Senator Cruz

If you don’t understand something don’t weigh in. Your incomplete view can destroy lives. Your being a sideline US enabler of violent protesters will have no positive outcome for the protesters you are supporting...or the city stuck in between your real target (China) and your country. So quit using HK and its students as a pawn in your clear objective to curtail what you fear - Chinese hegemony in the region. You are only perpetuating that outcome.

I am an American living in HK and for you to come to this city, claim you see no violence in your short limited time here, and give unquestioned support to those who are destroying this city is an affront to all intelligent law abiding peaceful people who live here.

These protesters you are supporting are violating and undermining all rules of law of this great city. They are clearing a path to anarchy. They are lynching innocent bystanders (who are in fact voicing their freedom of speech in the most basic ways), they are destroying anything and everything of a contrary view (and in the most violent way). They are destroying public property everyone in this city depends on. They are committing the most horrendous acts of violence against fellow human beings - Yet you support them.

You are an evangelical Christian but there is nothing Christian like in the protesters behavior. It is ironic isn’t it - that the most inhuman and brutal treatment of fellow human beings I have ever witnessed in my life comes at the hands of your Christian led movement. Shame on you Mr Cruz for perpetuating a lie - you see no violence!

There is nothing peaceful about these protests. There is nothing Christian about their murderous and destructive ways. There is nothing democratic about their wholesale rejection of anyone who speaks a contrary opinion or offers any solution different from theirs (and they don’t offer any solutions)

For you to claim you see no evidence of violence by the protesters you are supporting shows you are nothing but an unmitigated liar or a complete idiot. Such a statement from a foreign government official unmasks your true intentions.

I have seen a lot in my worldy travels but I have never seen a peaceful, law abiding free and open society descend into such chaos, over such a short period of time. Where mob justice underpinned by mob violence is the new law in the streets, where those you are supporting are demonstrating a complete lack of humanity to fellow human beings - and propagandising everything in their wake.

Perhaps you would like the same violence inflicted on your city? your transport system destroyed, the business in your neighbourhoods set to fire, your friends beaten to an inch of their lives, your young children brainwashed and becoming modern day red guards, only to lose their futures consumed by their hatred and violence which has no possible positive outcome? Then have representatives of foreign governments come to your city vocally supporting those who are destroying the city.

Your misguided sense of righteousness is going to lead to ruination for those you are supporting. And you will shoulder that blame, and those in this society will never forget that. Accountability will fall on your shoulders.

You can take your false Christian values and take them straight to hell with you Mr. Cruz.

60 minutes

I love your show. Always have for the last 30+ years. But I am incredibly dismayed by your single sided view of the HK protest movement. A completely unbalanced view of a Christian led movement that is committing unspeakable acts of violence and showing a lack of humanity I never thought possible. All against the citizens in HK who, if you had done your research, might find them to be a majority.

You made no attempt to seek a view of the other side. And by the other side I do not mean China. I mean the majority of people living in this city, now living under a cloud of fear - fearful of speaking any contrary opinion to those who are ironically seeking a democratic platform - those very people you are supporting who have not shown an iota of tolerance for other opinion, but rather have shown an incredible lack of humanity in the violent mob justice they are committing against so many in this city - including a very large number of single elderly individuals who happen to be unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Not Jimmy Lai, nor Joshua Wong, nor their violent protesters running amuck destroying the fabric of life in what once was the most open, free, law abiding place on Earth, are appropriate representatives of HK. But they are in fact the only reason the people of this city are losing their freedoms and their gold standard legal system. Not China.

Next time do your research before becoming an unwitting (or perhaps witting) enabler of the violence being inflicted on a city, and the majority of people living here - living now in fear - not because of anything China has done, but what the protesters, and those of you who are enabling them -are doing.

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