Monday, October 15, 2018

Fake Conversation about Jamal Khashoggi

King Salmon: Hello.

Operator: This is White House operator, please hold for President Trump
DJT: Hello, King. Wonderful to hear your voice, just great, great.

KS: What can I do for you?

DJT: I am calling about this Ja-, Jamal Khashoggi. You know what the Turkish government folks are saying, don't you?

KS: No what? I don't know anything about this Khashoggi.

DJT: They are saying that he went into your consulate in Istanbul and never came out. They think he was killed inside.

KS: Can't be. My people said he left within one hour.

DJT: The Turks said 15 Saudi nationals flew into Istanbul in two separate jets from Riyadh just before Khashoggi came into your consulate.
DJT: They are saying that your hit squad killed him and used bone saws to dismember him and carried his body parts back to Riyadh.

KS: Impossible. Khashoggi left on his own accord.

DJT: Hey King, I am afraid I can't convince my Congress of that story line. How about if I say some rogue killers did the dirty deed?

KS: Rogue killers? Yeah, that will be OK.

DJT: Which of the two planes did the rogue killers came in?

KS: Er, ah in both planes.

DJT: I think I can convince the American people that some rogue killer did the job.

KS: Thank you. We must maintain our country to country relationship.

DJT: Absolutely. By the way, our $160 billion arms deal is still on, right?

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