Saturday, May 17, 2014

How about a NATO in the Pacific?

I recently was an invited guest on a radio program on the somewhat rhetorical question: Namely, is it time to consider forming a NATO like alliance in Asia?

Some of the questions and issues raised in the program include:

  1. Not clear as to who the members of the alliance should be and who the alliance is intended to oppose.
  2. NATO like alliance is a western idea and not one consistent with Asian cultures.
  3. There is no analogy between the confrontation between former USSR and the eastern block and western Europe then to the situation in the Pacific now.
  4. The oldest democracy and the largest democracy in Asia have been examples of how not to govern.
  5. Uncle Sam is still not financially healthy. Anyone in a hospital gown should think carefully before pivoting too quickly lest his whole backside becomes exposed.
Go the this link to listen to the entire show.

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