Tuesday, November 13, 2012

About Peng Liyuan, wife of Xi Jinping

If Peng Liyuan, the next first lady of China, is a representative of what the new leadership is like, there is hope for China. South China Morning Post provided a lengthy profile on her with two interesting video clips.

The first clip of nearly 12 minutes long was produced (with English subtitles) to raise awareness of young children with HIV in China. She starred as the visiting dignitary (ambassador for children with AIDs) to a remote Anhui village with many orphans, shunned by society because they are HIV carriers and in many cases became orphans because their parents died of AIDs. This video was produced in 2006. In this documentary, Ms. Peng held the children, played with them, taught them songs and generally showed what a loving mother can be like to kids that have not experienced much joy in their young lives.

The second clip show she singing in a national day celebration and was filmed in 2011.

The videos showed a warm and selfless human being and that bodes well for China.

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