Sunday, April 15, 2012

America: Get Ready for Big Money in Presidential Politics

"The big money in U.S. presidential politics is about to get a whole lot bigger," ran the lead sentence of the article in April 14 issue of The Global Edition of The New York Times.

Both Obama and Romney are gearing up for serious fund raising campaigns, each fund raising event to garner a million dollars or more. When the dust finally settles and the next president is elected, the total amount spent on this political campaign will exceed $2 billion, perhaps even $3 billion depending who is doing the counting and what is being included in the tally.

So, in this exercise of sham-o-cracy, which is more important, your vote or your checkbook?

Is this the model of democracy, proudly made in America, that other nations should aspire to?

Who's kidding who?

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