Friday, January 21, 2011

Russ Limbaugh, a New All-Time Bottom for America

On national radio program he hosts, Mr. Limbaugh devoted some 20 seconds on nonsensical gibberish that he represented as China's President Hu's comments at the joint White House press conference. His performance lack originality but remind the listeners of many other bigots trying to make fun of the Chinese language. Limbaugh was obviously attempting to demean the Chinese leader and the Chinese language but I don't think he demean anyone more effectively than himself. Just take a listen and you can decide for yourself if he deserves to be considered a national opinion leader. Do you really see an uneducated buffoon like Mr. Limbaugh to be an icon for America? Whatever your political leaning doesn't really matter; wouldn't you be embarassed to be identified as a fellow American of Limbaugh--nay, as a fellow human being?

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