Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twists and turns of Chen Shui-bian

Some months ago I speculated on various strategies that Chen Shui-bian was likely to adopt as he attempted to wriggle out of a mountain of corruption charges the Taiwan government was preparing against him. I alluded to classic Chinese strategies as the foundation to his possible escape from justice.

What I overlooked was a modern escape hatch not available in the ancient times in China, and that was to plead not guilty of corruption by reason of insanity. That his increasingly bizarre behavior seemed to suggest a planned or possibly genuine spiral towards total irrationality was recently proposed by a major daily in Taiwan.

Chen is the man many accused of orchestrating his own assassination attempt (obviously unsuccessfully) in a last minute ploy to squeeze out a win a hotly contested election. As president of Taiwan, Chen was also the leader who successfully convinced the people of Taiwan for 8 years that the tanking economy was of no consequence to their daily lives. That he can succeed in bamboozling Taiwan for so long suggests that pinning the criminal guilt on this slipperiest of politicians will be a test of Taiwan judiciary system.

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