Sunday, January 4, 2009

Richardson's Withdrawal as Commerce Secretary

I have been among those that objected to the nomination of Bill Richardson as the next Secretary of Commerce. Governor Richardson's recent withdrawal from his nomination as the next Commerce Secretary is due to ongoing grand jury investigation of possible corruption related to political campaign contribution. I feel neither elation or sadness over this outcome. It is a development over which I have no basis to pass judgment.

President-elect Obama publicly acknowledged and thanked Richardson for putting the nation's interest ahead of his own by withdrawing from the nomination. So be it.

I am among those that continue to believe that it would in our nation's interest for Governor Richardson to acknowledge the error of his conduct and apologize to Dr. Wen Ho Lee and the Asian community for racial profiling and violation of judicial due process. Thus, if the current investigation absolves Governor Richardson and in the future he is again considered for positions of public service, at least his action that so offended the Asian American community need not be revisited again.

Background and chronology of the Wen Ho Lee case is readily available.

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Anonymous said...

George, Stacy here from Northwest Asian Weekly. Can I have your permission to run this as a letter to the ed? :) I appreciate it.