Monday, December 8, 2008

No on Richardson is Growing

Compiled below are some of the more recent updates describing the sentiment against the nomination of Bill Richardson as the Secretary of Commerce in the incoming Obama Administration.

One of the petition drive to collect online signatures can be found here.

The other concurrent petition drive is here.

Both urls contain a lot of and some overlapping background information.

The opening paragraph of an open letter to the Obama transition team outlining reasons Richardson is not fit to serve can be found here while the full text is posted at another site.

The San Jose Mercury News article describes why folks in Silicon Valley are objecting to Richardson.

The latest commentary on this protest can be found in the San Francisco Chronicle. There is a version of this commentary in Chinese published by the World Journal for those interested.

Anyone feeling strongly about the right of every citizen to due process and objecting to racial profiling should join this protest.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Richardson has a history of "destroying political opponents" as is depicted in the book, Frozen Lightning", by Bill Althouse, 2006. Interesting reading throughout but has only a few references to the Wen Ho Lee case.