Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What America Needs to Know About China - Preamble

When it comes to American perception of America's world standing, an attitude adjustment of major proportion is indicated. To set the stage of this discussion, let's briefly review recent world history.

The world has been dominated by the western nations for at least the last 200 years; if one starts counting from when the Spaniards began to plunder and pillage the Americas, it would be over 400 years. But this world domination of the western values is about to end.

For the last 60 years or so, the United States reign as king of the hill. For most of the 60 years, the U.S. showed benign and even kindly leadership and thus won the admiration and even affection around the world.

But alas, when USSR toppled, in no small part because of the top heavy armament production, needed to keep up with the U.S., could not be supported by the skinny legs of civilian economy, the U.S. became the only superpower standing.

The timing was unfortunate for the U.S. as they elected a president who embraced the neoconservative voice and welcomed the lunatic fringe into the inner sanctum of the White House. The neoconpoops thought through their man in the White House, a man not known for intellectual curiosity, not known to appreciate contending opinions, not known for patience with complexity, the time had come for world domination.

The neoconpoops could not be more wrong. After the shock and awe came the surge, but no matter, the U.S. remained mired in Iraq, bleeding not just blood of young Americans but the federal treasury as well. American leaders seemed unable to find a way out of the Middle East debacle, nor the financial scandals, nor the tanking economy, nor finding ways for job creation, nor to stop the incredible shrinking dollar, nor...

In China, the American politicians have found a way out. Who says we have to solve any of our problems? Just blame everything on the Chinese.

The succeeding blogs will discuss each specific issue of contention such as human rights, Tibet, international relations, jobs, currency manipulaton, espionage, etc. Stayed tune for contrarian views on all of them, views and information that American voters need to have when politicians are spewing venom instead of solutions.

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