Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quincy Jones Stays with Beijing Olympics

At the Committee of 100 conference in Beverly Hills, Quincy Jones gave the luncheon keynote address today. He said that he has spent a major part of his life traveling around the world learning different cultures and meeting different people. He found that peace instead of conflict inevitably requires people and nations working together as one people and one world.

He said what's happening at Darfur is horrible and heart breaking to anyone that cares about humanity. He also said that China in recent months has done much to persuade the Sudan government to moderate the conflict and seek negotiation to peace. "You cannot expect China to solve the Darfur tragedy alone in one year that the U.S. and Western European powers cannot in five years."

Despite great pressure being exerted on him from his friends and others in the entertainment field, he has decided that he will accomplish much more by continuing to work with China. His speech inter dispersed with video clips received standing ovation from the audience. Excerpts of his speech can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

The reason the West hasn't been able to have much effect on the Darfur situation is because China has undermined the West's effort to put pressure on Sudan. Everytime the West tries to pressure Sudan China blocks the attempts in the UN and sells arms and invests in Sudan's oil industry. China is the enabler.